I’m so so so so so fallen. She’s perfect. I can’t wait for us to go public and official. If we get there.

Hard to realize when I was only 11.


Bisexuality - Some people don’t believe bisexuality is legitimate… excuse me?

Jenna, I think we’re soul mates. Or telepathic. Or both. I was just talking about this with two of my best friends yesterday. I’m nearly 18 but I’ve known something was up since I was 11 and it really bothers me when people don’t take it seriously or believe in it. It gets into my head and makes me think I do have to choose a side so I’m very glad you made this video. Wise words from a wise girl. Thank you for reminding me to stay true to myself. Really needed to hear this.

I think I’ve finally figured this shit out.

I’m homoflexible. Am I making this word up? Probably. Do I give a shit? Nope.

"You know you’re gay when you’re convinced everyone else is gay."

-Jenna Anne