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honestly why is it so fucking hard to be religious AND open-minded at the same time

my struggle

you should love and accept and respect everyone regardless of your views or opinions. grow up 

honestly not to sound incredibly lame (because I am..), I could totally see Ryan and I getting married one day… like this is so plausible I could see us together for the rest of our lives shit man could he be the one ahhhh kill me

Basically some of my favorite things ❤️ Ryan, my sister, my family, peppermint mochas, chocolate and round stuffed animals

Nothing but Nole love

Welcome to my life ❤️ I love every minute of it

When a boy left for college, his dad gave him some advice: “You can date every sorority but make a AOII your wife. You can party with the Phi Mu’s and you can kiss a Sigma too, but when it’s time to marry only a AOII will be right for you. We know that you’ll enjoy your years and give them all a spin, but never buy a ring unless a ruby is in her pin and a rose is her flower of choice. During your years at college you’ll go from one suite to another, but take advice from your wise ole dad and bring an ALPHA OMICRON PI home to your mother!”